WHITE NOISE is the third project on infrastructures of contemporaneity and the result of the collaboration with Jorge Nuñez, Walter Benn Michaels, Monica Miro, Ellen Gould, Arnaud Bayle, Jeffrey Swartz, Gaetane Aguado and Xylo Zico.

WHITE NOISE includes the following works:

  • Video – White Noise
  • Video – Les Mouches
  • Photographs – White Noise series
  • Installation – White Noise
  • Essay by Walter Benn Michaels
  • Talks, seminars & open discussion forums.

VIDEO – WHITE NOISE (7 minutes in loop)

A sound piece/video, two voices recite a poem extracted from Ovid’s Metamorphosis simultaneously in Latin and English. Woodlands and hills burn, rivers boil, the Earth’s entire surface bursts apart. In this extreme circumstance, kind-hearted Earth speaks to Capitalism and warns: “Look around: Both poles are steaming! If fire melts them, your own temples shall collapse!”.

VIDEO – LES MOUCHES (12 minutes in loop)

All quotidian events, meaningless and banal, hide a tragedy. The video opens with Marguerite Duras’ words “…Je vais parler de rien. De rien.”. But in the enclosed universe of the video frame, the presence of death becomes hypnotic and unbearable. The drawing power of consumption continues to be irresistible even in the face of self-annihilation.

PHOTOGRAPHS (20 photos 50×40 cm)

Nature just after a catastrophe that covered the skies with dust and ashes. Time stops for a few minutes before decay and extermination begins. Primary colors fade into darkness. Mute coordinates in the galaxy where life still endures in the form of extremophile bacteria.

INSTALLATION (64  metal plaques 21×30 cm)

A world without humans is a world without our colors. Black plaques each honoring the 64 pure pigments of Sennelier’s color chart. While these pigments were the basis for the infinite oil-color range, only the beauty of their names remain: Jaune de Mars, Rouge Vermillion de Chine, Vert Véronèse, Noir d’Ivoire,…