Max de Esteban
Texts by Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Michel Feher and Max de Esteban
Graphic Design by Max de Esteban and Ramon Pez
Publication date: November 2017
English, Spanish and Catalan editions
Published by La Virreina Centre de la Imatge – La Fábrica
ISBN 978-84-17048-30-3

“Twenty Red Lights explores key aspects of the contemporary financial economy, a subject of great importance that has rarely been analysed rigorously in art or critical thought. The book features three essays which dissect the characteristics of the new financial-digital economy governing our world today, each from a different perspective.”


Max de Esteban
Essays by Rafael Argullol, Félix de Azúa, Laura González Flores , Valentín Roma.
Graphic Design by Tres Tipos Gráficos
Publication date: June 2015
Published by La Fábrica
ISBN 978-84-16248-12-4

“This book brings together for the first time the four photographic series produced by Max de Esteban under the title Propositions. As a body of autonomous lines of work that are at the same time related, they make up a sequence where we can see the variety of subjects, positions, and formats the photographer has developed over the last few years. Each Proposition is preceded by an essay establishing a specific field of thought related to it, reorienting the meaning of the images towards new theoretical and historiographical perspectives.”


Max de Esteban
Essays by Carles Guerra, Bill Kouwenhoven
Graphic Design by Max de Esteban
Publication date: October 2014
Published by Hatje Cantz
ISBN 978-3-7757-3899-6

“The compelling photographs of Max de Esteban’s series Propositions pose uncomfortable questions. In Heads Will Roll, part four of the series, the artist uses seductive photo combines made of film stills, flower photos, and fragments of text to convey the essence of the parameters that are penetrated by the contemporary patchwork of our lives. The media define everyday life: we are permanently made to feel insecure by the wars and disasters that are always happening in the world; the individual is in danger of drowning in the masses; genuine and fake have become almost indis­tinguishable; and a vague fear of the East pervades political policy. Reality is largely conveyed as a media experience.”


Max de Esteban
Introduction by Lourdes Iglesias
Graphic Design by Max de Esteban
Publication date: July 2012
Spanish, French, English, German
Published by Nazraeli Press
ISBN 978-1-59005-337-9

“Max de Esteban’s gorgeous monograph brings together all three parts of his stunningly beautiful Elegies of Manumission series. Making use of portraiture as a conceptual tool, de Esteban’s portraits, of architectural quality and extraordinary craftsmanship, build a narrative beyond the anecdotal and push the boundaries of contemporary portraiture. Open to many interpretations, Elegies of Manumissionquestions the construction of identity of the individual subjects portrayed.”

On New Visions in Contemporary Art

Editors: Corina Gertz, Christoph Schaden, Kris Scholz
Publication date: February 2019
English and German
Published by Kerber Verlag
ISBN 978-3-7356-0547-4

“For the first time, the Neues Sehen (New Vision) of the 1930s as well as contemporary photographs, sculptures, and video installations enter in seminal dialogue between the factual exhibition situation and virtual reality.”


Publication date: September 2013
Published by La Fábrica
ISBN 978-84-15691-28-0

“This is a superbly illustrated and comprehensive encyclopaedia of Spanish photographers, from the 19th to the 21st century. This volume is the first comprehensive dictionary of Spanish photographers published in Spain – an illustrated bibliographical dictionary representing both individual authors and Spanish photography as a whole. Featuring over 500 entries covering all the fields of photography – from classical to contemporary photography, from reportage and street photography to fashion and advertising, from stock photography to portraiture, from architecture to landscape – this volume embraces the history of Spanish photography as a whole, from its beginnings to the present day.”