PROVISIONAL CARTOGRAPHY – interview with my mother –
2023 (Trailer)

Provisional Cartography is the discussion of concepts and traits of a new era, that of the Aesthetics of Extinction. It is organized in eight chapters: Substrate of the Image; Materialism; Evolution; Virtual Reality; Construction of the Virtual; Technological Gaze; Image & Knowledge; and Infrastructures.

2022 (Trailer)

Dedicated to W.J.T. Mitchell

There is much discussion about the museums’ role under contemporary conditions. Although such questioning is posited as the urgency to connect with new social values, true stress is driven by the need to meet the demands of the attention economy, datafication universals and the ideology of productivity.

The museums’ stress contaminates the conception, production, collection, and exhibition of the works of art themselves

2021 (Trailer)

Structured following the eight chapters of Rimbaud’s “Une Saison en Enfer”, Black Book unveils the concepts, language and concerns of corporate tax law professionals; the simplicity of the legal structures for tax avoidance; and the enthusiastic complicity of governments. The choice of animation as the medium for this video relates to this infrastructure’s symbolic but vital pulsion.

2020 (Trailer)

All quotidian events, meaningless and banal, hide a tragedy. The video opens with Marguerite Duras’ words “…Je vais parler de rien. De rien.”. But in the enclosed universe of the video frame, the presence of death becomes hypnotic and unbearable. The drawing power of consumption continues to be irresistible to the flies even in the face of their self-annihilation.

2020 (Trailer)

A sound piece/video, one voice recites a poem extracted from Ovid’s Metamorphosis in Latin. Woodlands and hills burn, rivers boil, the Earth’s entire surface bursts apart. In this extreme circumstance, kind-hearted Earth speaks to Capitalism and warns: “Look around: Both poles are steaming! If fire melts them, your own temples shall collapse!”.

2019 (Trailer)

A Forest deals with the current state of Artificial Intelligence’s technology. While there is significant technical literature on this topic, art has approached it mostly from a sort of “robotic-aesthetics”, which most probably will be perceived as quaint and amusing in the near future. The underlying goal of this project is finding out the thought processes and ideology of its leading practitioners.

2018 (Trailer)

Twenty Red Lights explores key aspects of the contemporary financial economy, a subject of great importance that has rarely been analysed rigorously in art or critical thought. The video dissect the characteristics of the new financial-digital economy governing our world today.

Proposition Four – Heads will Roll (Trailer)
3-channel video installation

Contemporary life shares, with equal strength, signs of the real and simulacra, of the past and the present, of images, texts and sounds. There are no master trajectories, no linear narratives, but multiple possible routes, all equally valid.

Proposition Two – The Collection (Trailer)

A Collection is a truth surrounded by many others worth exploring – uncritical semantics is the myth of a Collection in which the exhibits are meanings and the words are labels. To switch languages is to change the labels – since art is dead in the actual life of civilized nations, it has been relegated to these grotesque morgues, museums.

Proposition One – Only the Ephemeral (Trailer)

Rapid obsolescence in the working formats and techniques together with hugely superior access to archival resources is modifying the nature of artistic practice, accelerating its democratization and reinforcing its precarious nature.