“Yo lo vi” – The Very Simple Principles of an Art Practice

  • Art is a source of knowledge.
  • Art is a collective endeavour.
  • Art is a conversation.
  • An art practice that transcends the intellectual is based on embodied experience.
  • An art practice that promotes knowledge exchange and collective critical thinking cannot be authoritarian, immersive nor spectacular. Thrives in complexity, resists simplification.
  • Art today is not so much about who we are as individuals but as a collectivity. It is the world, not the self.
  • A XXIst century art practice requires synergies from the techno-scientific disciplines. A time of cyborgs and hybrids.
  • The convergence of the technical and artistic languages is achieved by the de-scientificity of science and the de-artisticity of art.
  • Public events, seminars and group discussions are essential artistic media.
  • If an art practice comfortably fits expectations, something is wrong with it.
  • Art objects, particularly if they are bulky or heavy, should not be moved around much.

“All their principles are true…but their conclusions are false, because the contrary principles are also true.”