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Klompching Gallery, Binary Code, New York, USA
Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Twenty Red Lights, Barcelona, Spain

Mirbach Palais, Binary Code, Bratislava, Slovakia
Center for Fine Art Photography, Heads will Roll, Fort Collins, USA
Uno Art, Heads will Roll, Stuttgart, Germany
Pingyao International Photography Festival, Binary Code, China
Art Galerie, Heads will Roll, Siegen, Germany

Gallery NoW, Heads will Roll, Seoul, Korea
Fotofest Biennial, Heads will Roll, Houston, USA
La Fabrica, Propositions, Madrid, Spain

Deutsche Technik Museum, Vom Vergehen, Berlin, Germany
Klompching Gallery, Heads will Roll, New York, USA

Gallery NoW, Proposition One, Seoul, Korea
PhotoVisa Festival of Photography, Heads will Roll, Krasnodar, Russia

Uno Art Space, Propositions, Stuttgart, Germany
FotoQuartier Gallery, Elegies of Manumission, Vienna, Austria

Central European House of Photography, Elegies, Bratislava, Slovakia
Festival de la Luz, Proposition One, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Klompching Gallery, Proposition One. New York, USA

Fotofestiwal, Vertige. Lodz, Poland


Künstlerhaus Bethanien, You & Me, Berlin, Germany
Collectors Salon AIPAD, Klompching Gallery, New York, USA
Korea Galleries Art Fair, Gallery NoW, Seoul, Korea
Classic Photographs Los Angeles, Klompching Gallery, LA, USA

Klompching Gallery, 10th Anniversary Exhibition, New York, USA
Korea International Photo Festival, Seoul, Korea
Red Line Contemporary Art Center, Between the Medium, Denver, USA
Landskrona Foto Festival, You and Me, Binary Code, Sweden
Two.Seven, Thomas Kellner, Seigen, Germany

Klompching Gallery, We Show Here, New York, USA
KIAF, Gallery Now, Seoul, Korea
Gallery NoW, New Vision, Seoul, Korea
AIPAD. Klompching Gallery, New York, USA

Institute of Contemporary Art, Relics, San Jose, USA
SOAF. Gallery NoW, Seoul, Korea
Art Edition, Gallery NoW, Seoul, Korea
AIPAD. Klompching Gallery, New York, USA

Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt, Germany
Klompching Gallery, About Face:, New York, USA
Fotofest, The Collector’s Eye: The Maloney Collection, Houston, USA
Gallery NoW, Modern Memories, Seoul, Korea
SOAF. Gallery NoW, Seoul, Korea
Videos FestFoto, Proposition Two, Porto Alegre, Brazil
AIPAD. Klompching Gallery, New York, USA
FestFoto-Diálogos Internacionais, Propositions, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Rencontres Internationales, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin; Germany
Klompching Gallery, Polychromatic, New York, USA
Premios Lux, 20 años, Palau Robert, Barcelona, Spain
Welde Kunstpreis, Alte Feuerwache, Heidelberg, Germany
AIPAD. Klompching Gallery, New York, USA

Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Photo Forum, USA
Rencontres Internationales, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
Diemar/Noble Photography, The Gathering, London, UK
Klompching Gallery, Winter Salon. New York, USA


Museum of Fine Arts Houston, USA
Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro-Paiva Coll.,Brazil
Deutsche Technik Museum Berlin, Germany
SEDF-Central European House of Photography, Slovakia


Discoveries of the Meeting Place, Houston, 2016, USA
LensCulture, Heads will Roll, Photobooks of the year, 2014, USA
Gallery NoW Artist Award, 2014, Korea
Welde Kunstpreis, Nominated, 2013, Germany
Rencontres Internationales 2012, Paris/Berlin/Madrid
Encontros da Imagem, Best Portfolio, Nominated, 2011, Portugal
National Award of Professional Photography, Gold LUX, 2010, Spain
Grand Prix Jury’s Special Award, Fotofestiwal 2010, Poland


Twenty Red Lights, La Virreina-La Fabrica, Spain, 2017
Propositions, La Fabrica, Spain, 2015
Heads will Roll, Hatje Cantz, Germany 2014
Dictionary of Spanish Photographers, La Fabrica, Spain 2014
Elegies of Manumission, Nazraeli Press, USA 2012


Diana Padros & Lorenza Pignatti, Twenty Red Lights, 2018
Bill Kouwenhoven, I Don’t Understand, 2018
Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Synthetic Colours, 2017
Michel Feher, Brave New World Redux, 2017
Paul Wombell, Silo Dreams, 2017
Pavel Banka, Multilayered Works, 2016
Valentín Roma, The Singular Lens, 2015
Laura Gonzalez Flores, The Question Concerning What is Fluid and Unstable, 2015
Rafael Argullol, In Chiaroscuro, 2015
Félix de Azúa, The Entrails of the Soul, 2015
Bill Kouwenhoven, We Live Interesting Times, 2014
Carles Guerra, Photo-Capitalism is Amongst Us, 2014


Archivo Photography and Documentary Research, Twenty Red Lights by C. Pinho, 2018, UK
El País, Twenty Red Lights Review 2018 by Ángela Molina, Spain
La Vanguardia, Twenty Red Lights Review 2017 by Teresa Sesé, Spain
Central European House of Photography, Interview 2017, Slovakia
Center for Fine Art Photography, Interview 2017, USA
Photo Dot, cover and feature, September 2016, Korea
AIPAD-ARTSY, Heads will Roll, Cover image, April 2016, USA
Fotofest Biennial, Heads will Roll, Catalogue cover, March 2016, USA
Archivo, interview by C. Pinho, December 2015, Portugal
TVE, Cámara Abierta, TV feature on Heads will Roll, Nov 2015, Spain
The Wall Street Journal, review by William Meyers, October 2015, USA
Photograph Magazine, cover and essay by Lyle Rexer, September 2015, USA
Collector Daily, review by Loring Knoblauch, September 2015, USA
School of Visual Arts, i3 Lecture, September 2015, USA
Photo World China, interview, June 2015, China
La Vanguardia, Cultura/s, centerfold, August 2014, Spain
Museums Journal, Vom Vergehem, by Iris Kühnberger, July 2014, Germany
J.J. Magazine, feature, June 2014, Korea
Asthetische Referezen, Därmstadter Tage der Fotografie, April 2014, Germany
VISUAL magazine, On the Uncertainty of Being, Issue 2, Spring 2014, USA
La Maleta de Portbou, Heads will Roll, April 2014, Spain
BLINK, Vertige, by Kim Aram, Issue 29 Nov. 2013, Korea
Staging Ground Magazine, Proposition One, Issue 02, Nov. 2013, NYC, USA
Monthly Photography, Proposition One, interview by J. Junga Yang, Feb. 2013, Korea
I.T Post, PO14 spread, February 2013, China
TA3, TV feature, July 2012, Slovakia
Pravda Kultura, Elegies of Manumission, by Jena Opoldusová, July 2012, Slovakia
Photographie Magazine, Proposition One, feature by Ute Noll, Sept 2012, Germany
The Photo/ARTVAS, Vertige, curated by J. Junga Yang, June 2012, Korea
DW-TV Deutsche Welle, TV feature, November 2011, Germany
Profifoto Magazine,On the Uncertainty of Being, front cover, June 2011,Germany
Hotshoe Magazine, Vertige, interview by Bill Kouwenhoven, February 2011, UK
La Fotografia, June 2010, Spain


Marabunta, Twenty Red Lights, Ferran Destemple, 2017, Spain
On This Date in Photography, Decapitation, 2017, USA
Exit Express, Twenty Red Lights, 2017, Spain
Center for Fine Photography, Heads will Roll, 2017, USA
CPhoto, Proposition One, 2017, Korea
SEDF, Binary Code, 2017, Slovakia
Zone Zero, Binary Code, 2016, Mexico
Centro de Arte Alcobendas, Heads will Roll, 2016, Spain
Discoveries of the Meeting Place, Heads will Roll, 2016, USA
Crave, Interview Darren Ching, Heads will Roll, 2016, USA
Plataforma del Arte Contemporáneo, Heads will Roll, 2015, Spain
L’Oeil de la Photographie, Heads will Roll, 2015, USA and France
“North America Must-See Exhibitions”, Artslant, 2015, USA
Fantom Editions, Heads will Roll, 2015, Italy
Musée, Heads will Roll, 2015, USA
Spain Culture New York, Heads will Roll, 2015, USA
Frankfurter Allgemeine, Kunst in Röntgen, 2015, Germany
Photoweenie, Heads will Roll Review, 2015, USA
Fantom Editions, Heads will Roll Review, 2015, Italy
LensCulture, Heads will Roll, Photobooks of the year, 2015, USA
Photo it, Propositions Review, 2015, Korea
Lens Culture, Best Photography of 2014, December 2014, France
PDN Photo of the day, Heads will Roll, December 2014, USA
GUP Magazine, Heads will Roll, 2014, Holland.
Lens Culture, Proposition Four, by Jim Casper, 2014, France
Szeroki Kadr, Proposition Four, 2013, Poland
Lens Culture, Proposition Three, 2013, France
GUP Magazine, Proposition One, 2013, Holland.
Lens Culture, Elegies of Manumission, by Jim Casper, 2012, France
Photo Eye, Elegies of Manumission, Book of the Week, April 2012, USA
Lomography Magazine, by Jean Mendoza, 2011, USA
Feature Shoot, feature by Alison Zavos, 2011, USA
PDN – Photo District News, 2011, USA
NYC Art Scene, 2011, USA
NY Art Beat, 2011, USA
Spain Culture New York, 2011, USA
Wired, 2011, Italy, USA and Japan
Lens Culture, Proposition One feature, 2011, USA
Conscientious, by J. Colberg, European Photographers, 2011, USA


Graduate from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)
Master from Stanford University (USA)
PhD from Universitat Ramon Llull (Spain)
Fulbright Alumnus


Klompching Gallery (New York)
Uno Art Space (Stuttgart)
Gallery NoW (Seoul)
La Fábrica (Madrid)
Spicer House (Barcelona)